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For Sale : Ford Fairlane 427 Holman Moody
EUR 259000
Make: Ford
Model/Name: Fairlane 427 Holman Moody
Year: 1964
Location: UK
Car Type: Coupé
Chassis Nr.:
Competition Ready: Yes
Road Registered:
Exterior Color: Cream with Gold striping
Interior Color:


This amazing Ford Fairlane 427 is the 1st of only 3 cars built by ‘Holman Moody” (HM) as a correct replica of the unique 1964 Daytona running Ford Fairlane 427 (which sadly does no longer exist as it was broken up by Alan Mann in the early 70’s). Holman Moody built virtually all the factory Ford race cars of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

As the other 2 cars built by HM are owned by 1 collector in USA who does not race them, this is the only racing H&M Ford Fairlane which can be seen on the race track !

Using the pictures from the HM archives with lots of research and involving in-period HM-employees, the build was done in 2002-2003 by order of its 1st German owner. Using a proper 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 2-door hardtop coupe as donor car, the resulting specification is exactly as per the original :

  • Ford 427ci side oiler V8 race engine (built by H&M) and further developed by renowned tuner BS-protos,
  • twin Holley carburettors
  • FIA roll-cage,
  • Independant suspension with 2 shock absorbers per wheel,
  • Fibreglass body including bumpers, doors, bonnet and boot. Steel roof.
  • Ford Top loader 4 speed gearbox,
  • a set of 9" wide steel wheels and a set 10” wide alu wheels,
  • 12” vented front disk brakes,
  • double front wishbone; 5 link rear suspension & panhard rod,
  • 155 litre FIA fuel cell (to be renewed)

This handsome “big brute” Fairlane comes with an extensive spares package along with ample documentation of the build and of the original Holman Moody Ford Fairlane, including a comprehensive 5 kg A3 size book! There is an old, 2009 FIA HTP which is up for renewal.

The car is on-the-button with proven reliability and it is ready to offer its new owner lots of fun and excitement being able to keep pace with other GTP’s such as the GT40 (see race results below). The car's stunning performance culminated in its 2016 Goodwood Revival St Mary’s Trophy win for which it was repainted in its current cream white w/red livery.



Since its build in 2003 by Holman Moody, the Fairlane has been brought to Europe where lots of further set-up and race preparation development was done by the its 1st German owner. This took a few years but the result is definitely amazing as can be seen from the following achieved race results:

  • 2nd overall in Spa 6 hrs 2006 – only car in the same lap with the leading GT 40
  • 1st in class 2009 Eifelrennen Nürburgring 300 km
  • 2nd in class 2010 Eifelrennen Nürburgring 300 km by 1.9 sec
  • 1st overall in Oldtimer Grand Prix Marathon 3.5 hrs Nordschleife 2010
  • 1st in class and 1 up to 1976 cars in 1.000 km Jan Wellem Classic race Nürburgring 2010
  • 2nd overall in Oldtimer Grand Prix Marathon 3.5 hrs Nordschleife 2011

In 2014, the car was then sold by ourselves to its current, US owner who had the car prepared to race at the Goodwood Revival which it did in 2016 where it won the St Mary’s Trophy race with drivers Tom Kristensen and Henry Mann (son of Allan Mann)!

Ford Fairlane HM at the Nordschleife (video)

D81_0485_DSC654730495d92b421bc53a62200c48f31cc4f7e51dd03348c9d116dbc6712holman_moody_ford_fairlane_engineFord-Fairlane-427-Holman-Moody-Paddock42.4FIA Photo Front BrakesFIA Photo Rear BrakesFairlane at HMadvertvp9Daytona 64 finishFord-Fairlane-Thunderbolt-75754Use-all-the-track144562732185711999085_409033802627234_194298477100752260_n2010 eifelrennen_freitag_411 (2)2010-OGP-Suer-0523 [Desktop Resolution]DSC_9092

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