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Make: March
Name: 782 F2
Year: 1978

We have the pleasure to offer this genuine and impeccable 1978 March 782-22 for sale.

The March 782 is without doubt the best F2 car ever produced, straightforward and easy to run, it was no surprise demand for the car was huge. March had used the same basic chassis for all their single seater designs since the 1971 F2 712M, but for 1978 produced a slimmer monocoque for the 782 in which Bruno Giacomelli won the 1978 European F2 championship. Including the prototype and the show car built for Polifac, 30 March 782s were built in total with this particular car, chassis 782/22 being delivered new in April ’78 to Markus Hotz of HORAG, the Swiss March importer who prepared the car for Fredy Lienhart, his partner in Lista Racing. 782-22 continued to race successfully in Switzerland and abroad until the early 80ies.

A full race history comes with the car and is available upon request. The ownership history of 782-22 is continuous from day 1 up to the current owner.

Just recently fully gone through and checked-over, 782-22 is equipped with a freshly rebuild, zero km HART 2 litre engine, and is sold in Brian Henton’s “F&S Properties” livery. It comes with a full history file and 2018 FIA HTP papers. In addition, the car comes with good spares which includes 2 new wheel sets and miscellaneous running spares.

Needless to say that this genuine March 782 is ready to be a front running car – as it was in-period - in the 2018 HSCC’s F2 championship or P.Peter’s new F2 race series.


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Make: Wolf-Williams
Name: FW05
Year: 1976

*** NEWS 22/02/2018: This car has been accepted for the 2018 Monaco Historic GP ! 

We are excited to offer this unique Wolf-Williams FW05 chassis 3 for sale.

At the end of 1975, wealthy Canadian businessman Walter Wolf bought the assets of the Hesketh racing team who had run out of money and had quit the sport. Amongst those assets was the Hesketh 308C/1 and an unbuilt spare tub, 308C/2. Wolf also bought 60% of Frank Williams Racing and reformed the team as Walter Wolf Racing for 1976 with the 308C becoming the Williams FW05. Chassis 308C/1 was re-numbered FW05/1 with the unbuilt spare-tub 308C/2 then built up by Williams as FW05/2.

By the mid-point of the season FW05/3 was built and would be the only one of the three FW05s to be made from scratch by Williams and the only proper FW05 as opposed to a renamed 308C. FW05/3 was also the last car built by Frank Williams Racing in its original format and was raced by Jacky Ickx and Arturo Merzario for the remainder of the 1976 F1 season.

As both FW05/1 and FW05/2 have been returned to their Hesketh 308C specification and livery, FW05/3 is the only example remaining.

A full race and ownership history is available upon request.

This stunning Wolf-Williams FW05 F1 is presented and sold by its current UK owner in 100% race ready condition as evidenced by the following condition description:

FW05/3 been maintained with no expense spared and underwent a full rebuild after its Monaco 2016 participation. Renewed crack testing is being finished which is valid until May 2019. Extinguisher expires in 2018 and belts are valid until 2020 as is the fuel cell. The Cosworth short-stroke engine is a Richardson built unit with 600 miles on it (so 400 miles left). The gearbox has brand new internals with only 1 hour running.

Spares include one full set of wets mounted on rims, one full set of slicks mounted on rims, various boxes of suspension components, some spare bodywork and wings etc., plus the normal accompaniment of old spares accumulated over many years. It is currently located in England and could be viewed at any time subject to appointment.

FW05/3 has participated in the Monaco Historic GP five consecutive times since 2008 with great success including a podium finish.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a race-ready, unique and iconic F1 Williams which has been driven in the “Hunt versus Lauda” 1976 year by two famous drivers of the period. 

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Make: March
Name: 761
Year: 1976

*** NEWS 22/02/2018: This car has been accepted for the 2018 Monaco Historic GP ! 

We are delighted to offer this stunning 1976 ex-Arturo Merzario “OVORO” March 761 for sale.

British manufacturer and F1 constructor March Engineering began operation in 1969 and was created by Max Mosley, Alan Rees, Graham Coaker and Robin Herd. Each of these 4 individuals brought unique qualities and talents to the team with Herd being the designer, Rees the team manager, Coaker oversaw production and Mosley handled the commercial side of the business.

March was to provide chassis for customers competing in all racing categories starting with a F3 car in 1969 followed by an F1 car in 1970 : the March 701 which they used as team cars and also to supply to privateers. They also produced a highly successful F2 car which shared the chassis of its F1 brethren.

Introduced for the start of the 1976 Formula 1 season, the March 761 produced by Robin Herd was another straight forward alloy-tubbed chassis design which was low cost to build and easy to maintain and repair. Compared to its predecessor, the 761 chassis had a wider track and was stronger. Eight 761s were built in total and during the season more than a few cars were required to be rebuilt on new tubs due to various accidents by its F1 drivers.

For 1976, March decided to run four “factory” cars split into two teams. The “A” team would be managed by Max Mosely who would run Vittorio Brambilla and Ronnie Peterson, with the “B” team looked after by Robin Herd and running Hans-Joachim Stuck in one car, and Arturo Merzario in the other car who would bring along his own sponsorship from Ovoro, the Italian liquor company. It is this car which is offered for sale by its current owner. As there are several March 761 (and other models) with dubious history, this is not the case for chassis 761-04 which has continuous history from new with all six (incl. March) prior owners known :

1976 – works car, entered by March Engineering for Arturio Merzario
1977 – acquired by Gerd Biechteler for the UK Aurora Series
1982 – Yuam Lequime – not raced
2000 – Bernard de Dryver – bought for restoration
2002 – Jean Louis Duret – raced in GP Masters and Monaco HGP 2004
2005 – Peter Dunn – raced in GP masters and Monaco HGP 2006 and 2008
2012 – current owner – raced in GP Masters and Monaco HGP

This “OVORO” March 761-04 – of which the in-period race history can be seen below in the History section – is sold in 100% race-ready condition. The current owner has always maintained this car with no-expenses-spared and received a full rebuild in 2017. It has a fresh, zero miles G. Richardson long-stroke DFV engine, a new fuel cell, 2017 crack testing, fire system and comes with new seat belts. This car has last been raced in the winter of 2017 and needs nothing further spent on it other than possibly a custom seat for its new, lucky owner. 761-04 has been setup and developed and has shown to be a very competitive and front running car which – in the right hands – could win race F at the Monaco 2018 Historic GP for which it has been entered. 761-04 also comes with a 2015 FIA HTP and a good spares package which includes multiple sets of wheel, gear-ratios, front nose, suspension items and miscellaneous running spares.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a genuine, no-stories and striking March 761 which competed in the legendary “Hunt versus Lauda” 1976 year and is part of the golden era of F1 !

Lola T70 Mk1 (1965)

Price Reduced

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Make: Lola
Name: T70 Mk1
Year: 1965

We are pleased to offer this rare, early Lola T70 Mk1 chassis SL70/6 for sale on behalf of its current, long-term owner.

To many, the Mk1 - being the first iteration of the famous Lola T70 line - is still the purest in design. With only 15 T70 Mk1's made and all of them being accounted for, these cars are sought after and front running in the pre-66 historic racing scene.

The history of SL70/6 is listed below in the history section. Most important is that its history is continuous from new, its chassis plate is genuine (rare!) and SL70/6 has no "stories" whatsoever. 

The car is offered for sale in excellent condition and it has always been maintained by Martin Stretton Racing Ltd. with no-expense-spared for the current owner. As the car has not run for a few years now, it will need going through, crack testing and installation of a new fuel cell , fire extinguisher and belts upon which it is ready to roar again !

The engine is a strong 5.7 litre Tim Adams SMB Chevy with only about 10 hours running and the Hewland LG-500 gearbox is in excellent condition. SL70/6 also benefits from an accusump anti-oil surge system and comes with a set of spare wheels and a current 2016 FIA HTP.

This ex-Mecom Lola T70 Mk1 is eligible for all pre-66 sportscar racing including Masters, CER, the Goodwood Members Meeting as well as the Goodwood Revival.

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Make: Chevron
Name: B26
Year: 1974

We are pleased to offer this factory, ex-John Lepp Chevron B26 for sale in race-ready condition.

The Chevron B26 was the first monocoque sports car from Derek Bennett and followed on from the successful space-framed B19, B21 and B23 line of racing car designs which preceded it.

At the beginning of 1974, Roger Hire’s Forge Mill Racing team took over the contract to run the factory supported Chevron racing team from Red Rose Motors. John Lepp, already a master exponent of the marque and who had been racing for Red Rose Motors since 1968, was hired as lead driver along with Roland Barrios as his team-mate, Barrios brought along sponsorship from the Portuguese sherry company, Pedro Domecq which is reflected in the current, period-correct livery of this gorgeous B26.

Since buying the car in 2011, the curent UK owner has successfully raced the car in the historic scene around Europe with its last appearance being at Spa CER in 2015. The car has now been re-freshed and is offered for sale in race-ready condition. It has a fresh, zero-miles Hart 420R engine rebuild by XTEC Engineering. The gearbox has been rebuild and fuel cell, seat belts and fire system are all current.  

This stunning B26 benefits from a continuous ownership and is exceptionally well documented. It benefits from a current FIA HTP and is very usable in various race series such as CER and Pre-80 endurance where it has been and will continue to be a welcome and front-running entry,


Make: Porsche
Name: 904 GTS
Year: 1964

We are proud to offer this exceptional 1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS chassis #035 for sale.

The Porsche 904 introduced in 1964 followed on from the type 718, which had been Porsche’s first mid-engined sports car. The first 904s were introduced in late ’63 for the following model year and were produced over a two year period with more than 100 examples being built and homologated to race in the FIA Group 3 GT category.

Officially, the 904 was marketed and sold as the “Carrera GTS” due to a naming rights issue with Peugeot who had copyrighted the use of three digit type numbers around a central zero, (hence the need for Porsche to later re-name the 901 as the 911). In rallying, which Peugeot were very active in, 904’s competed as the Carrera GTS, but in circuit racing,where they had no presence, Peugeot had no objections hence Porsche’s use of type numbers 904 through to 909.

The 904 was built on a twin box members lightweight chassis made of steel. The glass-fibre body, a material which was being used by Porsche for the first time on a production car, was glued and bonded to the chassis for extra rigidity. This was the first time this lightweight method of construction was used by Porsche and the 904 started a line of “plastic” Porsche racing cars which culminated with the fearsome 917 in 1969.

Power for the little coupe came from a new and sophisticated 4-cam flat-4 type 587/3 engine of 1966cc which produced 198 bhp driven through a 5-speed gearbox. This was enough to propel the little car from 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds and achieve a top speed of 160 mph.

Painted in Rubin Red with a blue interior, 904 chassis 035 was completed on 25th February 1964 and delivered to Swiss racing driver Hansueli Eugster. First time out in the car, Hans won the Group 3 GT class in the Swiss Championship race held at Monza at the end of May. Hans raced 904-035 throughout the year with his final event being the Angola GP, a three hour race held on the streets of Luanda where it ran with its Swiss plate “ZH-35-63”. When we spoke to Eugster a few years ago, he still remembers, what was for him, a dramatic race recalling; "Yes, my last race with the 904 was Luanda in Angola. Due to tropical rain there was lots of water on the circuit and I had an accident. At a speed of 180 km/h I touched the Ferrari 250GT of Mairesse and went sideways on the track. With the brakes full on the 904 came to a stop against a 15cm thick tree. The tree was gone and my Porsche was damaged at the oil tank. This happened at a slow speed of around 60 km/h and this is why I was not hurt at all."

After its accident in Angola, Hans repaired the accident damage and kept the car in dry storage and only occasionally used 904-035 on the road. In 1967 he sold the 904 to fellow Swiss championship competitor, the amateur Swiss-Italian racing driver, Gildo de Guidi. Gildo raced the car throughout 1967 and won the Group 4 class at the ’67 Hockenheim 3 Hours, the last time he raced the car before selling it in 1968 to long-time owner Felix Laubscher of Duebendorf,Switzerland who held on to the car until selling it to Ulrich Senn in 1993. He owned the car for around two years then sold t to collector and historic race Peter Glaesel. He never used the car in competition preferring to keep and maintain the car in the pristine condition it had been accustomed to.

In 2000 the car passed into the hands of German Historic racer Friedrich “Fritz” Kozka who repainted the car silver painted car and took part in the 2000 Tour Auto. 904-035 was then sold to Dr Stein of Germany who displayed the car at the 2004 Essen Techno Classica where it was shown re-painted red. In 2005, 904-035 passed into the hands Peter Wirichs, who added a silver center stipe and raced the car until selling it in 2007 to the current owner who has continued to race the car in historic race and rally events such as Le Mans Classic,  Spa 6hrs, Tour Auto, etc..

904.035 has continuous ownership (see ownership list below) and good racing history from new. #035 was never badly damaged and remains very original throughout. A 6 cylinder, double ignition engine is currently fitted in the car but the correct type 587/3 4 cylinder engine “P99003” comes with the car. Both engines are in excellent condition and ready to go. 904.035 is road registered and comes with current FIA HTP papers, 4 spare wheels with AVON tyres fitted and other miscellaneous items.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire an excellent, no-stories and very original Porsche 904 with undisputed provenance which is ready for enjoyment in today’s historic race, road or rally scene throughout the world.