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Make: Lola
Name: T290
Year: 1972

This gorgeous "little" Lola has has spent its entire life in Italy and has continuous ownership from new as well as an excellent race history (see belo) which includes a 1972 Targa Florio class win and 4th OA ! 

The current owner bought the car in 2007 from Italy upon which he then commisioned a complete restoration by specialist Vin Malkie. It was decided to fit the car with the rare 2 litre Cosworth Vega engine which was used by the Lola works team in the seventies.The Hewland FG gearbox was rebuilt with mainly new parts, new body, new fuel tanks, fire extinguisher, seat belts, wiring, rebuilt suspension, etc..

Further detail regarding the restoration is as follows :

• Monocoque restored including new panels and rivets,

• Rear sub-frame/engine bay re-jigged and re-painted, including replacement of some tubes that were slightly damaged,

• New FIA approved fuel tanks in sill and behind seat.

• Complete new body parts fitted to car.

• New suspension and rose joints all round.

• New brakes or rebuilt and new parts fitted, including new discs all round..

• New fuel, oil and water lines.

• New electrical system and wiring loom

Following the restoration, HU08 has been prepared and supported by WDK Motorsport. The car has performed flawlessly and only has 4 races since restoration.HU08 was invited to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2010 The car was outright fastest up the hill on day 1. 2nd fastest by one 100th of a second, to a F1 car on day 2 and spun in the shoot out day 3. Quite a performance for a 2 litre car!

The car has been in cocoon storage for past 2 years. WDK have recently prepared and tested the car to ensure all is perfect. As such, it is totally race ready and needs nothing further.

HU-08 comes with spares, current FIA HTP papers and is eligible for Masters WSM, CER, LeMans Classic, etc..

Make: Spice
Name: SE88C
Year: 1988

We are delighted to offer this extraordinary 1988 Spice factory car with chassis number SE88C-003 for sale.

This beautiful Spice has been prepared and maintained to a very high standard and is ready to take part in the 2015 Group C series.

The car has outstanding race history being the 1988 World Sports car Championship winning C2 car and 1988 LeMans 24hr winner (Spice, Bellm, De Thoissy) ! In addition, it finished 2nd and 3rd in the 1989 and 1990 Le mans 24hr and has excellent race history during its entire racing career from 1988 to 1992.

It is currently raced in Group C series with much success : it is the triple Championship Winner 2012/13/14 and it is also the ONLY C2 car to win several Group C races Overall - Imola 2012 and Paul Ricard 2014. This car always wins the C2 class and is a regular overall podium finisher !

Chassis : Aluminium honeycomb and carbon fibre monocoque with machined aluminium bulkheads assembled at Spice Engineering.

Engine : 3.9 litre Cosworth DFL prepared by Cosworth engine specialist HiSpeed (UK). Homologated at 540 bhp. The engine has had 10hrs at a rev limit of 8000rpm since a full rebuild including new pistons. It was fully inspected, boroscoped and compression tested for the 2015 season.

Bodywork : Carbon fibre and Kevlar.

Suspension & Brakes : Double wishbone front and rear suspension. In-period KONI adjustable shocks which have been revalved and tested earlier this year. AP 6 pot calipers. All suspension, brake and steering components have been crack tested for the 2014 season.

Wheels : rims 16x10 inch front, 16x14 inch rear.
Gearbox : Hewland DGB 5 speed. Rebuild with all new bearings and new crown wheel & pinion for the 2014 season. 10:31 final drive ratio
PI Data logger on most engine parameters.
Full documentation including HTP passport, crack check certificates, fuel tank certificates, setup sheets, etc.

An extensive spares package comes with the car.

This Spice is a reliable and very competitive car while it is also simple to run and maintain. A perfect entry for Group C racing !

Make: Ford
Name: Denim Zakspeed Escort II
Year: 1981

This is the original Zakspeed Ford Escort II Gr4 as entered by the Zakspeed team for Jörg van Ommen in 1981. The car has undergone a complete, ground-up restoration by marque specialist JB Classic Racing GmbH and is in as-new, race ready condition.

Its specification is state-of-the-art Group 4 with 4 cylinder BDA of 1992ccm delivering 280bhp, Lucas injection, 5 speed race gearbox, 75% limited diff, 4 pot Girling (front) and ATE (rear) brakes and 15" BBS wheels.  

The car is well documented and comes with its original ONS wagenpass as issued for Zakspeed in 1981.

The car resides in Germany where an inspection can be arranged subject to appointment. 

Make: Porsche
Name: 911 Carrera 3.0 RSR
Year: 1975

We are delighted to offer this extraordinary 1975 Kremer Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RSR for sale which is one of only 57 Porsche 911 3.0 RSR build.

For the 1974 season, Porsche produced yet another evolution of the 911. Developed around the 3-litre RS homologation special, the 3-litre RSR became the most successful Group 4 car of its era. In its early years, the RSR swept all before it in IMSA, Trans Am and the FIA World Championship, production beginning in late 1973.

They were equipped with Typ 911/75 engines featuring high-lift camshafts, Bosch slide injection and twin plug ignition. There was also a large capacity dry sump oil tank and dual megaphone exhaust from the 2.8 RSR. Displacement remained unchanged from the RS at 2992cc but the compression was upped from 9.8 to 10:3.1, the result having been 330bhp at 8000rpm.

The five-speed transmission from the RS was installed along with a new dry plate Fichtel and Sachs sintered clutch. Coil springs were either steel or titanium. Visually the 3-litre RSR was enhanced with special five-spoke centre-locking 15-inch wheels, these having been 10.5-inches wide at the front and a massive 14-inches at the back. Ultra-light grassfire panels were used for the ventilated wheel arch extensions, bumpers, front lid, engine cover and rear spoiler.

Inside, the stripped-out cockpit got a solitary high-backed Recaro bucket seat with vinyl bolsters and cloth center, a six-point racing harness holding the occupant firmly in place.

Weighing in at a mere 900kg, the RSR was obviously a very quick car, in excess of 170mph having been possible while 0-60 took less than five seconds. Towards the end of 1974, most cars were coming out of the factory with closer to 350bhp, the last dozen examples (made from mid 1974) having been built on the 1975 model year H-series platform. Consequently, these cars use a 560 as opposed to a 460 VIN prefix. Some later cars were also equipped with the Carrera Turbo-style flat front bumper first used by Peter Gregg and the Brumos team.

The RSR raced through the 1974 and ’75 seasons vanquishing the opposition and providing Porsche with its most successful customer racing car.

When Porsche stopped with the production of the 3.0 RSR (switching to the 934), it had 4 RSR chassis left. One was used to build another car for Ludwig Heimrath while the other 3 RSR chassis were supplied to Kremer who build-up 3 full spec RSR's identical to the cars supplied by Porsche. One of these 3 RSR was #005 0004 (the hidden production number given by Porsche) whereby the first three numbers refer to the year (005 for 1975) and the following 4 digits denoting the actual number of chassis in that year. Kremer used to also use the Porsche hidden production number as the VIN-Nr for the car.

As such, a total of 53 plus 4 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RSR were build.

#005 0004 is in immaculate condition with fresh paint and decals. The original RSR type 911/75 engine crankcase, complete with all racing components, comes with the car in a separate crate. The engine currently fitted in the car is a 3.0 liter 930 turbo case with approximately 15 hours which was freshened and gone through last winter. The top of the engine (slides, trumpets, injection pump, etc.) is original.  The transmission (correct type 915) also has approximately 15 hours and all bushings were recently replaced. The car currently has an electronic distributor and electric tacho and and rev-counter fitted but the original distributor and VDO gauges come with the car as do the original trailing control arms (custom replacements are fitted on the car). The seat in the car is the original Lollipop seat. The windshield is new and unscratched. Correct 917-like Speedline RSR wheels. This car has been completely gone through and it is truly race ready.

005 0004 is very well documented with continuous ownership from new. Available with the car are the original ONS Wagenpass, 2007 FIA HTP, an extensive picture restoration file together with a fully documented history file and in-period pictures.

In addition to the original 917-type wheels fitted to the car, this well known "Wally's Jeans RSR" comes with 2 sets of black powder coated BBS wheels.

Make: Lotus
Name: Elan S1 / 26R
Year: 1964

We are pleased to offer for sale this very nice Lotus Elan S1 which has been converted to 26R specification. The current owner had the complete car overhauled by MecAuto (Belgium) in 2013 but then switched to group C racing and - as a result - the Elan has not been used since its overhaul.

Specification : Engine is latest FIA specification 1600cc Lotus twin cam (Racing Fabrications UK; 183 bhp at 7750rpm) with only 1 test on it. New water pump and large radiator. Strenghtened 26R spec chassis and suspension. Quaiffe race dog-gearbox, Limited slip diff with TTR outputs 3.9 ratio (a 4.1 diff is also with the car). Suspension : TTR uniballs, TTR front shocks (adjustable) and KONI rear (adjustable). Racing anti-roll bar. TTR half-shafts. Girling AR 26R front brakes and original Girling rear. FIA Fuel cell 68 ltr valid until 2015. Heated windscreen. Lexan side windows.   

The work done on the car includes full electrics and safety, new alternator, new fuel cell (FIA), new clutch, new fuel system, brakes, springs and shocks.

This Lotus Elan is ready to go and comes with 4 spare wheels and spare differential. It has 2009 FIA HTP papers.

Make: Lola
Name: T292
Year: 1973

We have the pleasure to offer this 1973 “Team Archambeaud” Lola T292 (HU54) for sale.

This car benefits from a continuous history with only 5 owners from new. It is exceptionally well documented as the current, long term French owner is passionate about his car’s history and was a friend of team founder/owner Paul Henri Archambeaud.

The history file contains the invoice from Lola, purchase document of the engine from Schnitzer, customs and various other documents, race clippings and many in-period pictures including a “1973 Archambeaud-team” movie; all of which will go with the car to its new owner.

HU54 has been completely restored and has been very well taken care of since by Eric Wassermann, renown engine specialist and preparer. The BMW (M12/7) 2.0 liter engine has been refreshed in July 2014 with only 2 hours on it. The fuel cell is valid until March 2015. This nimble and quick Lola T292 has been a regular sight on the historic racing scene as it participated in CER from 2004 up to 2010 and LeMans Classic in 2006, 2008 and 2010 where it always did very well.

This car is in excellent condition throughout and ready to race. It comes with 2008 FIA HTP papers and a good spares package which includes spare bodywork, wheel sets, gear-ratio’s and running spares.

Its new owner will have the pleasure to enter and enjoy this iconic “team Archambeaud” 2 liter Lola prototype in all the historic races for which it is eligible around the world.

Make: Nissan
Name: R90CK
Year: 1990

We are proud to offer this Nissan Group C car, built on chassis R90C-07, which is the only example of the type R93CK and represents the final development of the Nissan R89/90C line of which this car is the last of. Lola built 13 chassis for Nissan over two years of competition starting with six T89/10 chassis in 1989 built to R89C spec.

For 1990, seven T90/10 chassis were built, six of them to R90CK spec, with one tub, R90C-07 being set aside unbuilt as a spare. The very last of the 13 Lola tubs, it was built up in December 1990 by Nova Engineering of Japan to R90CK spec. Painted yellow with From-A sponsorship, R90C-07 raced throughout 1991 in the Japanese domestic series in the hands of A.Nakaya and Volkert Weidler who finished second first time out in the Fuji 500 Kms. They then finished second twice again that year, in the Fuji 1000 Kms and the Sugo 500 Kms. R90C-07's only race appearance outside Japan was in 1992 at the Daytona 24 Hours where Weidler, Mauro Martini and Jeff Krosnoff brought the car home 8th. It was the only time R90C-07 raced that year as Nova switched to their spare car, chassis R90C-06 on loan from Nissan, for the remainder of the '92 season and which was returned them at the end of the year.

In 1993 the car was uprated to R93CK spec, the only one of the thirteen chassis to be built or uprated to this spec. It raced once in 1993, finishing 2nd in the Suzuka 1000 Kms with Mauro Martini,and young up and coming German hotshot Heinz-Harald Frentzen. This would be the only race appearance for the type R93CK, for by then Group C racing was basically dead with the category collapsing after the cancellation of the World Sportscar Championship at the end of 1992. Apart from Japan, and Le Mans with its restricted boost and fuel allowance, there really was nowhere to race a Group C sports racing car.

After it was retired from active competition, R90C-07 was placed in dry storage until bought by McLaren/Trojan registrar and Supersports organiser Charlie Agg via Mike Gue of Essex Racing. Charlie raced the car in the new Group C Historic series both in Europe, and in the USA where Charlie took part in the HSR Endurance events at Daytona and Sebring in 2002, and at the Le Mans Legends in 2004. Charlie sold R90C-07 to George Purdie in 2008 whose son Andy took part in the Goodwood Festival of Speed that year and raced the car in historics until 2010 when the car sold to its current owner, who has raced the car sucessfully in Group C historics since then including a return to Le Mans for the legends event in 2012.

This Nissan R90CK is one of the few cars which - in the right hands - can beat the Sauber Mercedes. The car is well documented and is fully on-the-button with everything being fresh and current. It needs nothing and comes with an enormous spares package comprised of moulds, bodywork, several engines, etc..Enough to run the car without the need to buy anything for a good number of years !

This is a rare opportunity to buy one of the 3 Nissan R90's in private hands and to be at the front in the increasingly popular Group C racing scene.

Make: Lotus
Name: Cortina Mk1 (ex-works)
Year: 1963

Manufactured in 1963, this is not an ordinary Cortina but a genuine, factory supported Lotus Cortina Mk1 series 1 “S-frame” car to the correct specification.

Driven by Arthur Blank as a “Ford Switzerland” entry, it had factory support from Lotus which continued when it was run by the Scuderia Filipinetti team. It has further kudos in being the 1965 Swiss Touring car Champion.

This well documented Cortina with continuous ownership is ready to be enjoyed on the track or road (UK registered). After 45 years living in Switzerland, it was brought to the UK in 2008 after which more than GBP 40,000 has been spent on it. It was then used sparingly with 2 races in UK and the Tour Auto rally in 2010 for which new seats were fitted. The engine is freshly rebuild by Field Motorsport and has less than 1 hour running (dyno-tested at 160 bhp @ 6500 rpm and strong torque of 145lbs). New calipers, fire system and seat belts.

Having 2010 FIA HTP papers and a UK road registration, this Lotus Cortina with exceptional works pedigree is ready to give its new owner great fun on the race track or on the road !

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