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Make: Chevron
Name: B19
Year: 1971

This ex Red Rose Racing team B19 has only had 3 owners from new (!) and has been with the current owner since 2000. He has raced this wonderful B19 successfully in the Orwell Supersports Cup with many class wins and a 3rd overall finish in the 2006 chamiponship. The car has excellent racing history (see below) being driven by John Hine, Brian Redman and Richard Attwoord.

This lovely B19 has always been very well maintained and is in excellent condition. It is sold without engine thereby allowing the new owner to fit the engine of preference (Cosworth FVC or BDG) for the envisioned racing series.

There is a full history file with the car as well as FIA HTP papers (signed by John Bridges owner of Red Rose Racing). The car comes with a new spare nose and 2 sets of wheels.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a pure and historically significant Chevron B19 in excellent condition ready for enjoyment in the many historic race events for which it is eligible and in which it would be a competitive entry.

Make: Ford
Name: Fairlane 427 Holman Moody
Year: 1964

This amazing car has been built for the current owner in 2002-2003 by “Holman & Moody” (H&M) as a correct replica of the unique 1964 Daytona running Ford Fairlane 427 (which sadly does no longer exist as it was broken up by Alan Mann in the early 70’s). Holman & Moody built virtually all of the factory Ford racecars of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s

Using the pictures from the H&M archives, lots of research and involving H&M in-period employees, the build was done using a proper 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 2-door hardtop coupe as donor car. The resulting specification is the is exactly as per the original, namely :

  • Ford 427ci side oiler V8 race engine (built by H&M) and further developed by renowned tuner BS-protos,
  • twin Holley carburettors
  • FIA roll-cage,
  • Independant suspension with 2 shock absorbers per wheel,
  • Fibreglass body including bumpers, doors, bonnet and boot. Steel roof.
  • Jerico 4 speed aluminium top loader,
  • 10” wide wheels, 12” vented front disk brakes,
  • double front wishbone; 5 link rear suspension & panhard rod,
  • 155 litre FIA fuel cell,
  • Diff and gearbox oil cooler.

A spares package comes with the car along with ample documentation of the build and of the original H&M Ford Fairlane, including a comprehensive 5 kg A3 size book  !

Current FIA HTP (GTP 2) papers.

This car is on-the-button, reliable and lots of fun to drive while being a front runner (faster than a GT40; see race results further below). It has now been entered for the 2013 FHR series and - as always - will be a sure crowd pleaser !

Make: Lola
Name: T70 Mk3B
Year: 1984
Make: Cooper
Name: T49 Monaco
Year: 1959
Make: Studebaker
Name: Champion
Year: 1953

The "Sarmiento" car, a well known Studebaker and multiple Carrera Panamericana winner !

Not a newly build car but an original Studebaker chassis.   

Fresh Chevy 5.7 liter engine, up-rated brakes, GRP front wings, new safety fuel tanks, etc..

This famous Studebaker meets the latest Carrera regulations and is in excellent condition.

The car resides in Mexico City and is ideal for Chihuahua Express and/or Carrera Panamericana !

 If not sold, the car might be available for rental. Please enquire.

Make: Lola
Name: T212
Year: 1971

The attractive Lola T212 was the first of a long series of extremely successful 2-liter cars made by Lola in the 70’s. These were intended for the Group 6 catagory of racing which included hill climbs, sports car racing and endurance racing. The Lola T212 typically used an 1790 cc Ford Cosworth FVC engine which dominated the 2-litre sports car racing until 1971/1972.

This particular Scuderia Filipinetti Lola T212 is one of few with illustrious and in-period, class winning Targa Florio racing history (See the history section below). It is fully documented with continuous ownership and freshly race prepared by the current owner who has enjoyed (double national championship winner) and pampered the car during the last 10+ years.

The FVC engine has been rebuild by Racing Fabrications delivering 252 bhp and has zero hours. An extensive spares package including wheels, body moulds, spare nose section and a complete spare body comes with the car. A spare, new and zero hours Racing Fabrications FVC engine is available under separate negotiation. Current FIA HTP.

This best of breed and immaculate Lola T212 would be a welcome entry for the World Sportscar Masters, CER, Le Mans Classic, Martini Trophy, etc..

Make: Porsche
Name: 904 GTS
Year: 1964

We are proud to offer this exceptional 1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS chassis #035 for sale.

The Porsche 904 introduced in 1964 followed on from the type 718, which had been Porsche’s first mid-engined sports car. The first 904s were introduced in late ’63 for the following model year and were produced over a two year period with more than 100 examples being built and homologated to race in the FIA Group 3 GT category.

Officially, the 904 was marketed and sold as the “Carrera GTS” due to a naming rights issue with Peugeot who had copyrighted the use of three digit type numbers around a central zero, (hence the need for Porsche to later re-name the 901 as the 911). In rallying, which Peugeot were very active in, 904’s competed as the Carrera GTS, but in circuit racing,where they had no presence, Peugeot had no objections hence Porsche’s use of type numbers 904 through to 909.

The 904 was built on a simple ladder-frame platform lightweight chassis made of steel. The glass-fibre body, a material which was being used by Porsche for the first time on a production car, was glued and bonded to the chassis for extra rigidity. This was the first time this lightweight method of construction was used by Porsche and the 904 started a line of “plastic” Porsche racing cars which culminated with the fearsome 917 in 1969.

Power for the little coupe came from a new and sophisticated 4-cam flat-4 type 587/3 engine of 1966cc which produced 198 bhp driven through a 5-speed gearbox. This was enough to propel the little car from 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds and achieve a top speed of 160 mph.

Painted in Rubin Red with a blue interior, 904 chassis 035 was completed on 25th February 1964 and delivered to Swiss racing driver Hans Ulrich Eugster. First time out in the car, Hans won the Group 3 GT class in the Swiss Championship race held at Monza at the end of May. Hans raced 904-035 throughout the year with his final event being the Angola GP, a three hour race held on the streets of Luanda. For ease of passage to the Portuguese colony, 035 was road registered with the Portuguese plate “ZH-35-63”. Hans remembers, what was for him, a dramatic race recalling; "Yes, my last race with the 904 was Luanda in Angola. Due to tropical rain there was lots of water on the circuit and I had an accident. At a speed of 180 km/h I touched the Ferrari 250GT of Mairesse and went sideways on the track. With the brakes full on the 904 came to a stop against a 15cm thick tree. The tree was gone and my Porsche was damaged at the oil tank. This happened at a slow speed of around 60 km/h and this is why I was not hurt at all."

After its accident in Angola, Hans repaired the damaged oil tank and kept the car in dry storage and only occasionally used the car on the road. In 1967 he sold the 904 to fellow Swiss championship competitor, the amateur Swiss-Italian racing driver, Gildo de Guidi. Gildo raced the car throughout 1967 and won the Group 4 class at the ’67 Hockenheim 3 Hours, the last time he raced the car before selling it in 1968 to long-time owner Felix Laubscher of Duebendorf,Switzerland who held on to the car until selling it to Ulrich Senn in 1993. He owned the car for around two years then sold t to collector and historic race Peter Glaesel. He never used the car in competition preferring to keep and maintain the car in the pristine condition it had been accustomed to. In 2000 the car passed into the hands of German Historic racer Friedrich “Fritz” Kozka who repainted the car silver painted car and took part in the 2000 Tour Auto. 904-035 was then sold to Dr Stein of Germany who displayed the car at the 2004 Essen Techno Classica where it was shown re-painted red. In 2005, 904-035 passed into the hands Peter Wirichs, who added a silver center stipe and raced the car until selling it in 2007 to the current owner who has continued to race the car in historic race and rally events such as Le Mans Classic,  Spa 6hrs, Tour Auto, etc..

904.035 has continuous ownership (see ownership list below) and good racing history from new. #035 was never badly damaged and remains very original throughout. A 6 cylinder, double ignition engine is currently fitted in the car but the correct type 587/3 4 cylinder engine “P99003” comes with the car. Both engines are in excellent condition and ready to go. 904.035 is road registered and comes with current FIA HTP papers, 4 spare wheels with AVON tyres fitted and other miscellaneous items.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire an excellent, no-stories and very original Porsche 904 with undisputed provenance which is ready for enjoyment in today’s historic race, road or rally scene throughout the world.

Make: Shelby
Name: Cobra 289
Year: 1964
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