Links to historic racing organizations, race series and historic race-events

Site : 1000km
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The 1000km race series attracts the cars that ran in the World Sportscar Championships between 1964 and 1971.
ADAC FHR Long Distance Cup
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The FHR Langstreckencup is a well organized German historic race series which is primarily running on the Nurburgring but also visits some other nice race tracks.
GT and Sports Car Cup
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The "GT & Sportscar Cup" is a race series organized by Flavien and Vanessa Marcais and is for genuine pre-66 GT's and pre-63 Sports cars of a type that raced in the World Endurance Championship in-period.
Masters Race Series
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The Masters race series is the primary UK based historic race organization founded several years by Ron Maydon who started the GP Masters (F1) and then added the Gentlemen's drivers series as well as the World Sportscar Masters and Sports Racing Masters series. They also organize races for historic touring cars as well as Canam and sports prototypes (Interseries). For 2013, Ron and his able team have obtained FIA World Championship accreditation for the GP Masters and World Sportscar Masters.
Peter Auto Racing
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Peter Auto Racing is the organization of historic race organization pioneer Patrick Peter which now has various historic race series such Trofeo Nastro Rosso, Classic Endurance Racing, Sixties Endurance. Patrick also organizes the bi-yearly LeMans Classic as well as the renown Tour Auto rally.
Pre-63 GT
Site : Pre-63 GT
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The object of this series is to promote GT cars that have become rarer and rarer in historic racing because of the competition they encounter from more modern replicas and/or highly developed racing cars. This series is for genuine, original and historic GT's such as short wheelbase Ferraris, DB4GT Astons (and even a genuine pre-’63 Project car), AC Aces, MGA Twincams, an incredibly historic Sebring TR3, SZ Alfas, Lotus Elites, E-types, Morgans – all to genuine pre-1963 specification. – all to genuine pre-1963 specification.
Site : U2TC
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U2TC is the popular series for pre-1966 under two litre Touring Cars founded by historic race organization pioneer Carol Spagg.