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Porsche 962C Brun Motorsport
Make: Porsche
Model/Name: 962C Brun Motorsport
Year: 1989
Location: UK
Car Type: Coupé
Chassis Nr.: 962-006BM
Competition Ready: Yes
Road Registered:
Exterior Color: Jägermeister
Interior Color:


We have the pleasure to offer this gorgeous and iconic "Jägermeister" livery Porsche 962C for sale.

The Porsche 956 replaced 935 as Porsche’s bread and butter sportscar for the privateer and after the success of the factory cars, Porsche unsurprisingly built and sold a lot of 956s. The only drawback the car had was that it couldn’t be raced in the IMSA GTP class as the foot pedals were beyond the front-wheel centreline and to overcome this, Porsche added 6 inches to the length of the chassis, hence the type number, 956 + 6 = 962.

The 962 proved even more popular than the 956 now that the American market had opened up with Porsche building 95 examples. And if you wanted to build your own 962 using a chassis of your own design and build, Porsche were quite happy to help you as long as you bought all the mechanical parts from them, used the 962 windscreen and cabin shape, and called it a Porsche 962.

Several teams built their own chassis and another 55 cars were privately built. Eight of those cars were built by Brun Motorsport using a honeycomb chassis of their own design which was fabricated and built by John Thompson of TC Prototypes in England.

This particular car, 962-006BM was built fresh for 1989 and ran in a variety of liveries depending on what sponsorship arrangements were in place to satisfy a sponsors requirements for a particular race but for most of the season, the car wore the familiar orange livery of Jägermeister, who had been Brun’s primary sponsor for some time. The car's race history is listed further below.

This Porsche 962C is equipped with the latest aero-package, a 3.2 liter water-cooled engine and MOTEC engine management. The car is in spendid condition both technically and cosmetically. Everything on the car is current and it only needs a new fuel cell (comes with the car) and crack testing to go and shine on the race track. The car comes with several sets of spare wheels and miscellaneous running spares.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a proper "Jägermeister Porsche" (which must be one of the best looking car liveries ever) in a latest specification 962C race package thereby being a welcome and competitive entry into the newly invigorated Group C racing series. 


For its first race though at Dijon, the car was painted black and sponsored by Eterna, the Swiss watch company. Raced by Oscar Larrauri and Stanley Dickens, the cars race came to an after a slight accident.

Repaired and painted orange, Franz Konrad took over the car for the next two races, both rounds of the German Supercup. At Norisring he retired but at Diepholz he brought the car home in 2nd place. Konrad was then partnered with Larrauri for the Nurburgring, the pair finishing 6th. For the next race at Donington, there was another change in appearance, this time to red/white FAT Turbo Express livery. At Spa 006BM was back in orange livery and finished 4th raced by Larrauri and Roland Ratzenberger. Driven by Larrauri at the Nürburgring a week later 006BM qualified on pole and set fastest lap before retiring from 2nd place only six laps from the finish. For its last race at Mexico City the car was in Repsol livery but failed to take the start after a crash in practice.

Still damaged, 006BM was sold to Willy Koenig in 1990, but was never used or repaired as Willy also owned and raced 003BM. In 1998, still damaged, it was sold to Terry O’Neill and in 2000 Group C Ltd fully restored 006BM in Jägermeister livery and sprint bodywork.

006BM was then sold to Henry Pearman to join his vast collection Group C racing cars which already included several Porsches. 006M was then sold to historic racer Steve Tandy who raced the car in the historic group C series in 2012 before putting the car up for auction in 2014 where it was sold to the current owner.


21/05/89: Dijon 480 Kms, France #16 O.Larrauri/S.Dickens Rtd accident
25/06/89: Norisring 200 Miles, Germany #4 F.Konrad Rtd -
06/08/89: Diepholz Supercup, Germany #4 F.Konrad 2nd -
20/08/89: Nurburgring 480 Kms, Germany #16 O.Larrauri/F.Konrad 6th -
03/09/89: Wheatcroft Gold Cup, Donington #16 U.Schafer/S.Dickens Rtd accident
17/09/89: Coupe de Spa, Belgium #16 O.Larrauri/R.Ratzenberger 4th -
24/09/89: Nurburgring Supercup, Germany #4 O.Larrauri 12th -
29/10/89: Mexico City 480 Kms, Mexico #16 M.Sigala/R.Ratzenberger DNS accident

Retired from competition


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