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For Sale : Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.0
Make: Porsche
Model/Name: 911 Carrera RS 3.0
Year: 1974
Location: UK & Switzerland
Car Type: Coupé
Chassis Nr.: 9114609018
Competition Ready: Yes
Road Registered: Yes
Exterior Color: White w/Gold
Interior Color:


** NEWS ** This car has now been wrapped in its 1975 Le Mans 24hr Max-Moritz livery! 

We have the pleasure to offer this exceptional Porsche 911 Carrera RS(G) 3.0 for sale on behalf of its current owner. 

As evidenced by its impressive 10+ year race history under the Max Moritz banner, this particular car is also known as "The Max Moritz RS".

Introduced in 1974, the Carrera RS 3.0 is probably the ultimate dual purpose road/racing car. Amongst the rarest of all the 911 derivatives, it was built to replace the ultra-successful 2.7 RS and 2.8 RSR from the previous year of which 1580 cars had been built. Because the new 3.0 RS was judged to be an evolution of the 2.7 RS, the FIA regulated that only a minimum of 100 examples of the new car needed to be built for homologation in either the Group 3 or Group 4 racing classes. A total of 109 Carrera RS 3.0 models were built for 1974 and of those, 52 were RS models to Group 3 spec with the remaining 55 examples built to RSR Group 4 spec. The chassis was largely similar to that of the 1973 2.8 RSR with the brake system from the 917 and was effectively an evolution of the Penske built RS 3.0 cars built for the ’74 IROC series. The use of thinner metal panels and a spartan interior enabled the weight of the new 3.0 RS to be reduced to somewhere around 900 kg.

This particular car, chassis “9018” was the first of the 52 cars completed to Group 3 spec by Porsche in mid-December ’73 and delivered new in January ’74 to its first customer, Claus Utz of Leitzenger, Germany. Entered under the “Sixtant Racing Team” banner and prepared by legendary car builder Max Moritz, Utz and fellow German amateur racers Hortz Gödel and Jean-Claude Berlin raced the RSG in German DRM and DARM national championship events with Gödel winning at Mainz-Finthen. This was the first of at least 29 outright wins that “9018” would achieve over the next six years. As well as the German national championship races, “9018” also took part in the Nurburgring 1000 Kms four times and the 1975 Le Mans 24 Hours. That same year Utz won at Sembach and at Mainz-Finthen, but the following year was much more successful with Utz winning 11 races outright.

At the end of 1976 the RS was sold to Jurgen Lassig who raced the car over the two years with Boss sponsorship winning six races in 1977 and nine races in 1978. With the purchase of a new 934/5 for Lassig to race in 1979, the RS lay unused and in storage at Max Moritz Racing until being sold in 1980 through Autofarm-Porsche to Don Coaster of Burton-on-Trend in England. Retained until 1989, Don sold the car to Charlie Agg who was looking for a civilised fast road car as his daily user, a job the car performed admirably until Charlie sold the car in 2001 to Nicolaus Springer who then sold #9018 to well known classic car collectors Lukas Huni and Conrad Ulrich. They owned “9018” for the next 12 years until it was sold to the current owner in 2013. During 2014 and 2015, a full no-expense spared restoration was done by Swiss Porsche expert Marc de Siebenthal and the car was also repainted in its original white livery with gold “Carrera” side lettering. The restoration was completed in October 2015 and fresh FIA HTP papers were issued for #9018. Since its restoration, the car has been used sparingly in selected historic events such as the 2017 Cento ore Modena rally.

The condition of the car is near concours and as it left the factory in 1974. Despite its impressive racing career, the car retains its original engine (type 911/77 with engine number 6840037) and 915 gearbox making it a matching numbers car ! All engine and mechanical components are correct 3.0 RS specification. The original "BOSS" Max Moritz front trunk lid and bumper come with the car as well as the original Fahrzeugbrief, Porsche Certificate and an extensive ownership race history file in both German and English.

This is arguably one of the very best of the rare 911 3.0 RS cars existing. Its amazing race pedigree including a Le Mans 24hr finish make it a very collectible but also very usable car which is eligible for any historic event around the world. A car for the serious Porsche collector who only wants the best !


Race and Ownership History

- 1974 delivered new to Claus Utz, race prepared by Max Moritz and entered by Sixtant Racing Team 
- 1975 entered by Porsche Club Roman for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, driven by Bering, Utz and Godel finishing 5th in Group 3 and 19h overall
- 1974 - 1977 - raced extensively by Max Moritz Team, driven mostly by Claus Utz, predominantly in the O.N.S. Series. Also entered in the European World Championship Series, running over 80 races and being the most successful Group 3 car.
- 1977 - 1984 owned by Jurgen Laessig, raced in the O.N.S. series, and Valvoline Cup, many overall wins
- 1984 - 1989 owned by D.S. Coaster, GB Cotton-in-the-Elms
- 1989 - 2000 owned by Charles Agg (of Trojan Fame), full restoration in that period,
- 2001 owned by Nicolaus Springer
- 2002 - 2013 owned by Lukas Huni and Conrad Ulrich (Switzerland) - Full overhaul and repaint in Silver as raced at LeMans 1975. Successfully entered into various historic race and rally events such as Tour Auto, Cento Ore Modena, etc..
- 2013 Sold to current owner. Full restoration by Marc De Siebenthal in 2014-2015. Used sparingly since. Participated in Cento Ore Modena 2017. 

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