McLaren M8C DFV Spa


CER1 :

This year we will mostly run the one-off 1970 “Evergreen Team” McLaren M8C-DFV.

This is one of only 5 pre-1972 DFV-engined sportscars.

We believe the M8C-DFV should be a front running car!


CER2 :

We will run the Le Mans 24hr participation record holder, the Belga-livered Rondeau M378/001 in Barcelona and Spa.

After this, we will switch to the HTC series (see below)



After its unfortunate accident at Imola at the end of 2018, the AMC Javelin aka “The Beast” has now been repaired and look forward to driving it at Dijon, Monza and Paul Ricard !